Dave and Erica's Visit
March 2004

Newlyweds Dave A and Erica K chose to spend their honeymoon in Australia. They got precious little time alone while they were in Sydney though. Since I wasn't able to be their wedding photographer, I was damned well going to be their honeymoon photographer!


P 062 P 064 P 067 P 069 P 071p P 075
Friday March 5th. Just hours off the plane and I dragged them to Clontarf beach where a sign-writer was vaporizing the benefits of a particular radio station. We walked along the bush track to an  almost-secluded beach where Dave showed off his bouldering prowess, and I took a very weird photo of my shadow in the water. Later we contemplated Sydney Harbour from North Head

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Saturday was wet. We ferried in to Circular Quay where I paid homage to Banjo Patterson ("It's grand to be an unemployed / And lie in the Domain / And wake up every second day / And go to sleep again" which is exactly what I did in my youth). While strolling through the Botanical Gardens, a kiss under the Morton Bay Fig tree inspired Dave to straddle its mighty limb.  After visiting the Art Gallery of NSW, the rain started pelting down. We got a cab and directed it to Harry's Cafe de Wheels where we scored the house special:  meat pie topped with mashed peas and gravy. Mmmmm.

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Sunday: wet again. Visited the museum of Sydney and examined the foundations of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They were to climb it the next day, and it's always good to check these things out.

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Monday. But first there was lunch at Max and Lill's capped off by some damned fine singing and dancing!

P 111
Two contemplate three, on route to the Bridge Climb.

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I did not accompany them on the climb, but I went to the Pylon Observatory to watch the climbers and take what photos I could.

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Note the climbers walking under the roadway at the top of the first photo.

P 128 security copy
From inside the very top of the Pylon Observatory, the view of the Opera House is well framed, and the job of the security guard is extremely boring.

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Tuesday. Bloody hot Tuesday. Spent the morning at Balmoral Beach.

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Dave gave a talk about BOINC at Australian Technology Park in the afternoon, courtesy of my good friend Phil McCrea.

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ATP is a very photogenic place. It was the locomotive engine workshop for more than a hundred years, and many parts of it have been left much as they were.

On Wednesday, Dave and Erica flew to Adelaide in an attempt to finally get away from their photographer. It seems to have worked!